Read on to find out why Angel Helpers® is one of the best home healthcare agencies in the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

What services does Angel Helpers® 24/7 Homecare Provide?
Angel Helpers® 24/7 Homecare provides primarily non-medical homecare services such as assistance with the day-to-day needs at home such as bathing, dressing, walking, medication reminders, meal preparation, transportation, light housekeeping, companion care, social interaction, range-of-motion exercises, safety supervision. (See our expanded services)

Does Angel Helpers® 24/7 Homecare have a contract?
Yes, we have terms of services that are mutually agreeable between Angel Helpers® and the consumer. Department of Health regulations require signed consumer notices.

Is Angel Helpers 24/7® Homecare Licensed, Bonded and Insured?
Yes, we are state licensed, bonded and maintain professional liability insurance.

How much notice does Angel Helpers® 24/7 Homecare need prior to starting services?
We understand that homecare can be an urgent situation! If it is not urgent, we prefer a one week’s notice in advance. The more notice the better! But, we have staffed homecare on very short notice especially in emergencies.

How does Angel Helpers® 24/7 Homecare select their staff?
Angel Helpers® referral network is constantly recruiting staff who genuinely care for people of all ages, especially the elderly! Our screening process involves obtaining personal and professional profiles, state, national and international background checks, social security verification and random drug testing confirms that Angel Helpers care angels are trustworthy and reliable.

Are Angel Helpers® 24/7 Homecare care angels independent contractors or employees?
Both! Angel Helpers® staffs both employees and independent contractors.

Do Angel Helpers® 24/7 Homecare care angels receive training?
Care angels receive on- going training through continuing education seminars, video and classroom opportunities offered at educational and care facilities

What if a care angel is unable to keep schedule due to illness or emergency?
A team approach is implemented whenever one of our care angels is unable to work.

How are payments made?
Angel Helpers offers several payment options! Please contact our office regarding payment arrangements.

Are Angel Helpers® 24/7 Homecare care angels certified?
Many care angels are state certified as CNA’s.

Does Angel Helpers® 24/7 Homecare have a minimum of hours per visit?
There is no minimum! But to ensure consistency, we recommend at least a 1 hour visit depending on the level of care needs of the individual. We can be flexible!

What are Angel Helpers® 24/7 Homecare  billing rates?
Our billing rates vary depending on the level of care needs and the contracted days and hours. We officer a flat rate for 24-hour live-in care. Please contact our office for rate information.

Is Angel Helpers® 24/7 Homecare a religious organization?
No, but our philosophy is based on Christian values. It is our belief that everyone be treated with dignity, compassion and respect. Angel Helpers will guide, protect and assist with the individual’s best interest at heart.
Angel Helpers® are often called to be mediators between the individual and the family. We are called to be advocates for individuals who need someone to act on their behalf. Angel Helpers always asks “how can we serve?”

Is Angel Helpers® 24/7 Homecare a cleaning service?
No, but Angel Helpers® care angels will do light housekeeping that normally is necessary while caring for someone.
If heavy duty housecleaning is required, see www.AngelKleen.com for a more information.

Do Angel Helpers® care angels go into an assisted living facility or nursing home?
Angel Helpers® care angels are here to give that extra care and attention one may need while recovering in a facility.

What makes Angel Helpers® 24/7 Homecare different from other home care companies?
Angel Helpers® has earned a stellar reputation over the years serving thousands of individuals and families in need.
Angel Helpers® has never turned anyone away even though other homecare services have.
Our staff work together as a team and enjoy challenging situations.
There are no “problems” only “challenges”. We view our chosen work as not just a job, but our Vocation!

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